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ATTITUDE of gratitude

Life isn’t always easy and I know that a lot of people are suffering in this world, but for a moment, even if things are going wrong in your life, lets take a moment to appreciate all of the things that are going right. Below is a list of 100 things that I am personally grateful for in my life. Use my list to inspire yourself to create your own and keep adding to it daily. You will be amazed how you feel after you complete this list! Not matter the difficulty you are facing right now, know that there are well over 100 things for you to be grateful for in this moment. With this type of mindset, you will be able to attract even more things to be grateful for in your life. Adopt the attitude of gratitude and see how far it will take you in life.

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  • Waking up and being able to live another day to chase my dreams.

  • Love. The ability to love and be loved. It’s the greatest gift in the world. We all have someone and something that we love.

  • Being able to breathe in fresh air, especially near the ocean and mountains.

  • Seeing the beauty of this world with my own two working eyes.

  • Glasses and contacts so I can see clearly.

  • The ability to walk on two legs and run marathons whenever I choose to.

  • The feeling of crossing the finish line and accomplishing a difficult goal.

  • My mind to think and to make choices.

  • The awareness to find my own truth.

  • The simple and amazing tiny home on wheels that I live in. Living here inspires me to one day build my very own!

  • Living in a gated property where I feel safe and protected.

  • Electricity to power the appliances and electronics that I use.

  • Wifi so I can use the Internet from my phone and computer.

  • Air conditioning to cool my home because I live in the desert where it can get pretty hot.

  • My comfortable and soft bed surrounded by curtains to make it pitch black dark even during the daytime.

  • Being able to afford and source healthy and organic fruits and vegetables to eat.

  • My blender and my juicer to make delicious juices and smoothies that give me tons of energy!

  • Having access to clean drinking water and running water.

  • The most loving and supportive family I could ever ask for.

  • Goofing around and having fun with my nieces and nephew.

  • Long hugs from the people and children that you love.

  • Getting the “butterfly” feeling from someone you like.

  • Nerves leading up before your first kiss with someone.

  • Telling a person how much you mean to them and being told the same thing.

  • The freedom to choose my thoughts and practice my own beliefs.

  • Having money in the bank to buy the things that I need.

  • Having the strength courage to out of my comfort zone and moving to a new state by myself.

  • Speaking up for myself and asking for what I need and want.

  • Knowing my worth and not accepting anything less than what I deserve.

  • Being able to travel to new and beautiful destinations so I can see the world.

  • Working with a wonderful family in a beautiful office by the ocean.

  • My co-worker who feels like family since we work so well together. It must be because we’re both Capricorns…

  • Learning about astrology and how the date and times we are born impact the way we are.

  • Quality, loving friendships and connections with others.

  • The health of my body and having the knowledge to heal myself if anything ever comes up.

  • My car with stickers all over it that I love driving around.

  • Buying my favorite foods in bulk including tropical fruit like jackfruit, mamey sapote, and mangosteen.

  • If I can’t find tropical fruit, I can have it delivered thanks to Martha’s Best Papayas and Miami Fruit!

  • My unique hair color that seems to change color and lighten up the more I’m in the sunshine.

  • California coastal sunsets. Need I say more?

  • My cell phone where I can talk and see the people that I love who are thousands of miles away

  • A social media platform to speak my truth and connect with like minded people from all over the world.

  • All of the amazing books I read and will read that have given me so much knowledge and awareness of the world and myself.

  • Random acts of kindness from strangers. Even if it’s a smile when you walk past them or opening a door for you.

  • Trees. We need trees to breathe and when we go out into forests, we are reminded how small we are.

  • Pain. Without pain or suffering, we may take life for granted and forget to appreciate when it’s good.

  • Tears to express and release my fears and frustrations so I can feel better.

  • Belly laughs that hurt after laughing with friends.

  • Beautiful works of art from drawings, paintings, sculpture, movies, and photography. People are so talented!

  • Succulent gardens and how they grow and duplicate themselves anywhere after they are picked.

  • Holidays to celebrate with friends & family, and also getting the day off of work!

  • Beautiful landscapes in our world.

  • My favorite mountain, Mt. Matterhorn, where I plan to travel to one day.

  • Hiking up mountains and feeling accomplished when you get to the top.

  • Riding my bike up and down Torrey Pines. I feel like I’m flying!

  • Taking ski trips with my favorite people and skiing down the mountain fast.

  • Snow. Playing in snow, skiing on snow, and cozying up inside while it’s snowing outside.

  • Bonfires and fireplaces. Watching wood burn is both calming and mesmerizing.

  • Sharing a meal with my favorite people at my favorite restaurants: Plant Food & Wine, Make Out, Peace Pies, and Plumeria.

  • Wisdom that I have learned over the years through my experience and mistakes.

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  • Grocery stores where I can get all of my favorite foods in one place.

  • Google so I can look up and research things quickly.

  • YouTube so I can watch videos and be entertained by fascinating people.

  • The moon, stars, and the infinite universe.

  • My ability to learn new things and have an open mind if I need to change.

  • Clothing to cover me, keep me warm, and to express myself and style.

  • Freedom to vote for people and the type of world I want with my dollar.

  • Challenges to overcome that make me a stronger and wiser person.

  • The opportunity to volunteer or help out others who are in greater need than me.

  • People who make me laugh like Spice Adams. “And that’s a fa sho right on!”

  • Thank you notes. Giving them and receiving them feels good.

  • That feeling when your favorite song comes on in the car and you drive around singing at the top of your lungs!

  • Not setting an alarm on the weekends and sleeping in.

  • Loose fitting sweatpants that make you feel so cozy and comfortable.

  • My independence and being able to take care of myself 100% financially and emotionally.

  • Finding money on the ground or that’s laying around your house. Jackpot!

  • For herbs and flowers that can help heal us and live happier lives.

  • Going to see your favorite band live.

  • Breaking into dance. Whether in the shower, in your room, outside, with people, or out in public.

  • My solitude and alone time. It helps to reset and regenerates my energy so I can go out and give the world good energy.

  • Green lights whenever you are late to get to your destination faster.

  • The feeling of being a kid again, whether that’s swinging on a swing set or running around in the grass feeling so free.

  • Opening up a perfectly ripe avocado and feeling like an avocado master.

  • Myself because I love myself and I am here to create meaning for my own life and help others love themselves in that process.

  • Being heard and understood by the people who just “get me”.

  • The people who criticize and put me down because their negative perspective motivates me to do the opposite.

  • My attitude and positive outlook towards life.

  • I have access to technology, information, and knowledge to create the life I desire.

  • I create my own schedule and have free time to do what I love.

  • For all of my treasured memories that I have created so far in my life and look forward to many more.

  • That I found veganism and choose to live an healthy and compassionate lifestyle free from using and abusing animals.

  • That I have improved my health and reversed illnesses by choosing to eat fruits & vegetables and life a healthy lifestyle.

  • That I am not the same person that I was last year because I am evolving into my higher self with each year that passes.

  • That I have desires, goals, and dreams for the future that I will continue to work on as long as I wake up every morning.

  • That the people I love are alive, safe, and healthy.

  • Playgrounds and sandboxes for kids (and adults) play and have fun.

  • Deep conversations with people that you feel safe being yourself around.

  • Miracles. Things can turn around for us in an instant.

  • My entire body that is working to keep me alive and well at all times.

  • I am most grateful for the love I have for myself. Without love, there is no life!


Please use my gratitude list as motivation to start your own. Keep your list somewhere where you can see it where you can go back and visit it each time life gets hard. I guarantee that you will feel better about your life once you complete this list. Keep adding to it daily whenever you are reminded of how good your life is. Never forget how truly blessed you are despite whatever it is that you may be facing. As my grandfather always said, “Life is good!”.

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what are you grateful for?

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