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Lets face it. We all need a helping hand at times. Life can become difficult to balance at times with all of the social, financial and family pressures we create for ourselves. Sometimes it can all feel a little too overwhelming and we feel like giving up. I completely understand where people are coming from feeling this way since I too have been in that space before. There is no need to give up when an open hand is always there for you. Find the courage within yourself to reach out and ask for the help you need with whatever it may be. When we create health from within, physically and mentally, we find that our outside world is much more easier to take on so we can THRIVE!

As your health & lifestyle coach, my role is to meet you where you are at on your current health journey and help you create change for yourself so you can accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. Each and every one of us are uniquely different due to our backgrounds and environments so together we can customize this process to fit your personal needs and lifestyle together. I am passionate about people healing and achieving their goals so reach out to me when you are ready to make that change!


Goal setting and achieving
Meal planning and prepping
Raw and cooked vegan recipes
Weight loss or weight gain
Metabolic damage and disorder
Hormonal Imbalances
Painful menstruation and PCOS
Eating disorder recovery
Nutritional deficiencies
Proper food combinations
Shopping on a budget
Juice feasting and/or water fasting
Detoxification and cellular regeneration
Herbal and botanical protocols
Depression & anxiety
Positive affirmations and mindset
Self love and emotional balance
Angel card readings
Half & Marathon Training


It’s a delight to be food-coached by Jennifer. I also like her guidance when it came to fasting. She has a rich background of experiences to draw from when it comes to offering knowledge. I appreciate greatly how she works with my flow and wonders. By the way, Jennifer greets you with enthusiasm, curiosity, caring, and attentiveness. She is very oriented to being genuinely related, which is very special. She also was willing to work with me around any diet I was exploring and willing to put forth inspiring suggestions.
— Ken R.
Hello Jennifer, I really enjoyed speaking with you when we had our appointment. I think you are very kind, uplifting, and honest. I definitely think that if someone is struggling to figure out how to become raw or if they’re eating enough or properly, they should talk to you. You helped me realize that it’s okay to take my time with going raw and that I really need to not only listen to my body, but not be afraid of eating more. Thank you <3
— Talia H.
Amazing & knowledgeable coach!! RVG is all about optimal health & wellness through abundance!!
— Lisa D.
When my wife first hooked me up with Jenn, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I was heating a healthy diet, in good health, and happy personally. However, I was dealing with a great amount of stress as it related to my work. After talking with Jenn for 5-minutes I could already tell that her expertise is not just in keeping a healthy body, but helping others to achieve a sound mind as well. She’s offered me great advice, and great coaching to help deal with my stress in a healthy way and “APPRECIATE YOU!” I strongly recommend Jenn, not just as a health and wellness coach, but a life coach as well.

- Bryan B. Miami, FL
I lost 37 pounds by learning how to eat plant based!
— Nicole P.
Extremely knowledgeable in every area of holistic health. Definitely recommend her. I have personally benefitted from following her advice.
— Mija K.
Raw Ginger is one of a kind. Educated, passionate, honest, and genuine. I admire her gumption and priorities when educating about Veganism and a healthy lifestyle. I listen to her everyday and I believe I’m better because I do so. 🖤
— Amanda D.
She understands the two sides of chemistry to obtain optimal health, and incorporates that knowledge in her daily lifestyle. Raw and real is what you get, and she is entertaining and engaging in her posts. It is 5 stars from me!
— Mark B.
Back tracking to going through @that_vegan_couple’s feed, I saw a post with you in it. I went to your page and began reading your posts and seeing your journey as a fruitarian. I even checked your website and read your testimonial. I was so surprised and relieved to find that this is the truest and healthiest form to live. What really became the game changer was your Bonny Rebecca instastory. You explained how her diet was what was causing all the stomach pain she was going through. The same way I was eating. You spoke so much truth and everything you post about and bring into the light is so raw and real. The knowledge that you continue to share is all that I needed to realize why I was going through so much pain because I was not eating the right way. So, I began incorporating copious amounts of fruit into my meals. Staying raw 90% of the time and saw my body begin to change. No I am not completely healed. No this is not a quick fix. I am not “going on a diet” when I explain to people how I eat now. Raw veganism is real. It’s a lifestyle that I am adapting to and I love it. You don’t just post pretty pictures of what you eat, you actually take the time to explain why you eat the way you do and how it is so crucial to eat these foods for your body. It is just so crazy to me that even though I am vegan, I was eating things like oatmeal, breads, vegan pizza, pasta, and peanut/almond butter that was harming my body! And you have brought me to my conclusion that I have to cut things like this out because it all linked to the causes of my pain. It just makes sense. It was never complicated. Thank you for all that you do. I don’t know if you realize the impact you make on a person, but you have. I am healing. I am an example of what your posts can do. If it wasn’t for your account I would have never realized the true damage I was doing to my body. I needed to actually see someone who went through this lifestyle and has been consistent for years. I needed someone I can rely on. Someone mature. Especially during this time where these “so called vegans”, who where in fact only living plant-based and restrictive diets (for the sole purpose of their health), are coming out and eating flesh to “heal” their bodies. You pointed out what they did wrong and explain why and the consequences that comes with eating that way. I don’t see any hate in doing something that is educating and can save hundreds of people from a harmful diet. You care, you educate, you love. You’re honest, you’re true.
You’re raw and real.
I have learned so much. I look forward to many healthy years and shower you with an abundance of happiness and everlasting joy.

All the best,
— Tirzah A.
She’s real and knowledgeable and backs up her claims. Love her honesty!
— Kim T.
Love this gal. She is very knowledgeable about health and a plant based vegan diet. I love her straight forward and honest personality. With her you get the truth—she is not on social media for followers. She is very passionate about helping others achieve health and feel the best that they can. She has helped me tremendously. Definitely recommend her.
— Autumn P.

What I love about Raw Vegan Ginger is she will always keep it 💯!!! She is the definition of real. I have followed her on social media for months and she is the only consistent person out there. She shows you her good and bad days, she recommends things with NO hidden agenda. I trust her because she has facts and if she doesn’t she is always willing to learn. So grateful for her daily post. Thank You Jennifer 💚
— Rebeca V.
I really enjoy this page (website and Instagram). Real truth, telling us how it is because facts are facts and who wants to be lied to? The RVG is also lovely and truly wants to help people who want to be helped. Solid information delivered frankly and with humour.
— Catherine P. @rawforhealth

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, and every family.
— Kofi Annan