Raw Vegan Ginger

My name is Jennifer and I created the social media platform Raw Vegan Ginger to express my passion for raw living foods in hopes to inspire healthy change in our world. I am also a certified health coach specializing in detoxification and I love to watch people heal and thrive!  I believe that we are all worthy of vibrant health and achieving our dreams. By day I work as an insurance agent in sunny Del Mar, California and by night I work as a health & lifestyle coach and assist individuals from all over the world to improve their overall health and achieve their dreams. In my spare time, I like to train for marathons, save gas by riding my road bike, hike up mountains to connect with nature, and ski in the mountains during the winter. I'm always on the search for delicious tropical fruit and love supporting local farmers at the farmers market. Within the next year, I plan to build a sustainable tiny home and live simply and minimally.



I am here to share my raw and real journey while making a positive impact on the world. We weren't put on this planet to just pay bills then die, I believe that we are here to follow our hearts and overcome our greatest challenges so we can live the life we've always dreamed of. My passion is helping others help themselves out of suffering since I too have suffered and overcame my mental and physical health issues naturally. Each and every one of us deserves to live a life full of vibrant health, self love and happiness!



My journey to vibrant health starts back in late 2008 after I was diagnosed and hospitalized with clinical depression. Since I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and didn't understand my true life purpose yet, I wanted to give up on life. Not once did the medical doctors "treating" me question the current diet I was on (based on animal products) or my past use of Accutane (which has serious life threatening side effects). They only prescribed more and more pharmaceutical treatments to mask my symptoms.

Just to get through the day I took anti-depressants to boost my mood, anti-anxiety drugs to calm my racing thoughts and nerves, sleeping pills to get adequate rest, antibiotics to clear up my skin conditions from the rebound of Accutane, and laxatives so I could eliminate waste that continued to build up from being constipated for many years. On top of that, I was also dealing with debilitating periods each month and multiple ovarian cysts brought on by my use of birth control for over 7 years. Not to mention, I was 25 pounds over a healthy BMI and felt very uncomfortable in my own skin. I reached a breaking point in my life and was left with two options: give up on life or push forward and find a way. Fortunately, I attracted and found my way towards healing all by simply changing what I was eating and the rest is history.

I know of nothing else in medicine that can come close to what a plant based diet can do.
— Dr. Colin T. Campbell writer of The China Study and Whole



After watching the documentary Forks Over Knives on Netflix, I learned how powerful a plant based diet was and how it could both prevent and reverse my country’s top 3 killers: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. With further research, I learned what veganism was truly about: “A way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose.” I've always considering myself an "animal lover" so when I discovered that we breed, raise, and kill billions of innocent baby animals for the sake of our taste buds, it opened up my eyes to the suffering I was contributing to and I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of it. Luckily this realization came around the same time I was getting fed up with expensive doctors visits, tests and prescription drugs. How ironic that the most compassionate diet is also the most healing to our bodies?

I continued to educate myself by watching different documentaries and immersing myself with books on health and finding out what was really going on in our food industry and what it was doing to our bodies. It almost felt like someone turned on a light in the dark room that was my life for many years. Once I made the connection that my taste buds were not more important than the life of another animal, vibrant health soon followed suit and I was able to stop taking prescription medications all together. It was at this point in my life where choosing compassion for others helped me learn compassion towards myself and my own health. A win-win!

LEAVING MY comfort zone


After committing to veganism in 2011, I eventually decided that I wanted to live in an environment that supported my new healthy lifestyle so I could connect with other like minded individuals. So I saved up, sold everything, quit my job, and drove over 2,000 miles to Southern California on my own to create a new and exciting life for myself. Besides going vegan, taking a risk and choosing a new home for myself has been the second greatest decision of my life! Although moving far away from everyone I knew and loved was not easy, I soon connected with people who were on a similar path as myself just by putting myself out there for the world to see. It's not always easy to share your raw and real journey, especially in an over-critical world full of judgements, but I find that when we are true with ourselves, the more we can inspire others to do the same. I am certainly still on my journey of healing and self discovery so I do not claim to have all of the answers. I believe that we are all beautiful works in progress.



Back in 2014, after living in California and eating a fruit based diet for one year, I decided that I wanted to create a platform that showcased my healthy eating along with my raw, unfiltered thoughts to express the passion I have for this lifestyle. This is when Raw Vegan Ginger was born. I understand that my message may not be for everyone and that’s ok. Not everyone is going to like us which is fine. That should never be a goal because it will never happen. I’m here to speak raw, real and from the heart. Not one person on this earth is positive, happy or excited all of the time, yet that’s a lot of the content we’re being bombarded with online confusing us into thinking that our lives are not as great compared to the other people we see. Keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting out positive content but when you are hiding your true self or thoughts behind your message, this doesn’t do the world any service. By showing the world how raw and real we are, it inspires other people to do the same. I want to live in a world where people aren’t afraid to express how they truly feel whether that’s happy, glad, angry or sad. We all deserve to be heard and supported throughout our journey of life and I am here to be that support for others.

I’ve completely changed my life by keeping it raw and real.
— Jennifer Joy Patrishkoff