Below are the things that I want to attract and manifest on or before my 36th birthday on December 23rd, 2019. I am excited to make my dreams come alive!


more energy, health and complete healing!


I now claim my own healing!


thicker, fullER, longer, stronger, AND BRIGHTER ginger hair!


Thank you God and Universe for my healing! I trusted that you would heal me and help me grow my hair back even more beautifully! I feel so vibrant and confident whenever I look in the mirror. I am grateful for the healing experience and can now help others heal and grow their hair quickly.

  • I now have thicker, fuller, and longer hair.

  • My hair grows every single day!


Jesus hockey player raw vegan boyfriend

Thank you God and Universe for my amazing and sexy boyfriend! I am so grateful that I attracted and manifested a beautiful soul mate relationship for myself with someone I love and respect so much. I am so happy and feel so safe in this relationship. He makes me laugh so much and inspires me to continue to chase my dreams. I look forward to what the future holds for us.


running 3-5 miles 5 days a week!


I love running so much and I am so grateful that I have healed and got my running legs back! I have so much energy and gain so much energy by running long distance. It feels so good to run. I love the feeling when I complete a long run and get lost in my mind. I feel like I can achieve anything when I run and when I run consistently, I not only strengthen my body, but my spirit too!

New affordable studio close to work with an amazing kitchen with granite countertops and a large bathroom


I loved living in the tiny home but I am so grateful that I attracted the perfect living space for myself. I can see myself staying here long term. I love the kitchen so much! It’s so easy to make and clean up my meals now! A dishwasher? FINALLY! Granite countertops? YES! I love the large bathroom and tub I can soak in. Everything is so clean and it’s easy to organize my things. Thank you God and the Universe for helping me attract this affordable studio that is only 10 minutes from work! I did it again! I manifested the perfect living space as I always do.

  • I now attract my perfect living space.

  • I love my kitchen and


Making $5,000 a month with 15 paid vacation days so I can visit family twice a year 


I am so grateful that I manifested more money before the end of the year! I can finally afford to live comfortably and save money for my future! Thank you God and the Universe for helping me make this possible!


Planning my Switzerland trip 🇨🇭 for 2020


This is my mountain! It’s been my mountain my entire life! I’m finally going to go see it. First in the summertime then again in the wintertime so I can ski and enjoy the amazing snow! Thank you God and the Universe for making this possible! I love Switzerland!


More friends that I get to see on a consistent basis


writing my very first book: keep it raw and real!


I am so grateful that I finally started the process of writing my own book!

wish list

  • New camera for photography and making videos

  • Dehydrator to make sun dried tomatoes, pizza crusts, and wraps

  • Ski trip to Big Bear for my birthday

  • Rescue ginger key key


i create my own destiny