Reveal it to heal it



If you are going through something right now or working on healing something within your physical, emotional, or spiritual body, please know that the first step in healing anything is becoming aware of what is holding you back. Whether that may be specific foods, people, a job, or your environment, you truly cannot heal any form of weakness that does not want be revealed. I know this can be a scary process. I went through it many times, and will continue to go through it as I evolve and grow throughout my life. Humans find comfort in familiarity, even if the familiar is toxic to us, so find the courage to shed light on every single thing that is holding you back. Once you acknowledge what it is that you work so hard to hide, it has no where else to go.

What if the only way to heal your life was to not add things, but let go of them? By releasing old toxic mental and emotional patterns, we make space for new positive, healing, and loving patterns to emerge. Your worst fears are only hidden in your imagination. Most of them will never come true anyway. You cannot suffer in the past or the future because it does not exist, only the present moment, your memory, and your imagination exist. Use your mind to to believe that you can heal. Try these “what if” affirmations anytime you feel stuck or feed into fear or self doubt:

  • What if I can heal my body, mind, and my entire life?

  • What if I start loving myself every single day?

  • What if everything I want comes true for me this year?


I want whoever is reading this to know that you have full control over your life and your healing. Do not allow a person or diagnosis to keep you stuck or limited in your thinking. Get clear on exactly what it is that you want out of this life and remove anything or anyone from your life that does not support it. This includes negative thought patterns as well. If you are going to think a negative thought, why not balance it out with a positive one? It only seems fair to level out the playing field. Duality is important. It gives us perspective and brings us back to a neural more balanced state. I understand that healing is not going to be easy as I too have suffered. Healing is never what we think it will look like.


Just know that it’s ok to feel lost, broken, confused, and hopeless at times in your life. You are not alone. Just don’t stay there. Honor those thoughts and emotions then work to release and transmute them. Below is one of my favorite frequencies that I put on before meditation or rest to change my state. You can keep this on while you sleep or as you go about your day. This tone has been known to repair DNA and heal our bodies. Results may vary because well, your life is completely up to you. What you think about yourself and the world ultimately becomes true for you. Consider the Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

I know that you can get through whatever you are experiencing because all of this temporary. Appreciate when life is good. Reflect when life is difficult. There is always a lesson to be learned and a blessing to be received. Look for it. Work on revealing your weaknesses and surrender to the belief that... You can heal. I believe in you.

with love,Ginger (7).png