Energy is Currency


How much are you worth? 

We introduce ourselves before even opening up our own mouths. Many of us think we can hide things from others but when someone is sensitive to the emotions or “energies” of others, they will easily be able to pick up on any inconsistencies. We forget that everything is energy and we are not just our physical body but the “force” behind it. This “force” is not only responsible for your body’s processes but most importantly, your thoughts. The thoughts you think will ultimately determine the life you live. When you pay attention to something, you are essentially “buying” into an experience so be very careful with what you consume not only through food or drink but what holds your attention. What you place your attention (or energy) on is ultimately an investment in your future so be sure you choose carefully what is worth a good return. Treat your time (energy) with as much care as you would your finances or loved ones. It is your most valuable asset.

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