inspirational quotes

Let it be



We all are walking around with unhealed emotional wounds so please be gentle with yourself and others. People don't always show or say when they're in pain. We've been conditioned to desensitize ourselves and be strong on the outside while many of us are hurting on the inside. We need to be ok with not being ok. If you are coming from a place of pain, whether physically or emotionally, you need to stop touching your wounds. Give your body the opportunity to properly heal. There always comes a time when we need to take off the band aid and let our wound breathe and get sunshine. Let it scab over and fall off naturally even when you want to pick it off, it will only take longer to heal. Stop revisiting the pain in your thoughts and in your heart and let it go. If you cannot let it go then just let it be. The more we think about something, the more power we give it. Don't give your power away. You can heal your life. Claim your power and start the healing process.

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True beauty


life is beautiful

Stop for a moment and take a look at the world around you. Notice what you see. Forget about how you think it should look and just be present. Isn't it beautiful? Remember, beauty isn't about having certain atheistics or qualities, it's about being yourself! No one is like you. No two snowflakes are even the same. Each have unique characteristics that are literally 1 in 1 trillion. Whether you see it or not, you are beautiful so why not look for the beauty in everything you see?

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